EMF/AN Calculator – EAC 2018

Software for 3D calculation of

  • Magnetic fields
  • Electric fields
  • Audible noise

in the vicinity of a.c. transmission lines.

Allows optimized EMF/AN design of up to six single-circuit, double-circuit, or split-phase lines in arbitrary configuration

Line Performance Estimator – LPE 2019

Software for estimation of AC or DC line performance considering:

  • Pollution and ice
  • Lightning overvoltages
  • Switching overvoltages

Allows evaluation of line insulation solutions for:

  • New lines with optimized dimensions
  • Voltage uprating using existing structures
  • Insulator replacement
  • Improved tower grounding
  • Conversion of AC lines to DC

IST 2018
IST 2018 Reference Manual
IST 2018 Student version

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